What to learn from your top performing posts

Shiny floor

An empty room with a shiny floor. The local connection made this a top performing post.

Have you looked back recently how your posts, statuses and photos perform on your social media profiles?

On my parish Facebook page these are the top three posts

What to learn from top performing posts

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The one reason for being in social media H2H


Do you have a genuine wish to connect with other individuals?

There can be only one reason why you and your ministry choose to be in social media: A genuine wish to connect with, get to know and interact with other individuals. Or, as Bryan Kramer puts it: H2H.

If your reason to use social media is to advertise your services or activities you will think of the people you meet as customers or clients, not as Joe, Jim, Joann or Jess. When you think of these people as customers you basically strip them of their individual identity and at the most they end up in one of your intended target audiences. But  Joe, Jim, Joann and Jess expect –and deserve — to be met as individuals.

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Using Google Plus – benefits and concerns

Like many others I’ve had an account on Google Plus for some time, without bothering too much, thinking it’s the social media ghost town.  Lately I’ve discovered how great Google Plus is. But I do have some concerns as well. In this post I won’t go into Google Plus itself, but the effect it has on the search result.

If you havent already: Create a verified business page ASAP

With a verified business page on Google Plus people get access to a lof of information, already available online, but directly on the Google search page. Opening hours, website, phone numer, directions, location, address…

Your latest update on your Google Plus page is also visible on the search result page. A lot of the data already available online is much more accessable, rather than finding a link to yellowpages or any other digital detour.

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Content is king, but go for the ace.

Ace in the deck

Content is king but go for the ace

One leading principle for social media for businesses is content marketing, creating engaging content that will produce response from your followers. Building relationships from this initial response will give you new clients, customers or members.

With the increasing amount of content being created, it’s a good idea to ask yourself if content marketing is really the best strategy for your social media presence. Is it even a sustainable strategy? Is there a better option? Content is king, but why settle for the king when there’s an ace in the deck?

Organisation vs spontaneity

Spontaneity vs organisation

Spontaneity and organisation, how do you balance the two for the best strategy?

Lessons from 1 Chronicles.

At a quick glance 1 Chronicles might not strike the reader as the most thrilling book in the Bible. But it’s actually as relevant to us as it was the day it was written. The book covers three areas—family, king David and organising the temple that is about to be built in Jerusalem. Although ten of the tribes were lost, the kingdom of Israel fell and the temple was destroyed there’s something to be learned for anyone working with social media.

Social media is instant, quick and spontaneous—as it should be. It might seem boring to raise the issues of plans, policy, visions, strategy that sometimes seem to take up so much time and quite honestly those documents too often end up collecting dust, don’t they?

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