A study of the social networks page layout

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Does the page layout help you or seem like a maze?

Page layout is fundamental for user experience. Great functionality of a network, but poor layout, will ruin your experience, since you won’t find the functions you are looking for. What is displayed on the home screen layout must be understood as the features the social networks puts most priority to, in order to serve the users. In this post you will be given a look at the social networks page layout, both desktop and mobile app versions.


  • The feed is given a huge priority on the mobile app version on all networks
  • The “oldies” (Facebook and LinkedIn) have a more scattered layout than the newer (Google+ and Instagram) which are much neater and cleaner.
  • Faceook stands out in the way they use empty space: The least on the desktop version and most on the mobile app.
  • Facebook puts priority to creating content on the mobile app.
  • Google+ is about contributing with and finding quality content, which is reflected in a focus on feed and navigation, both on desktop and app.
  • Instagram has a minimalistic approach to their desktop page with all focus on the feed.
  • LinkedIn puts the least focus on the feed on the desktop, but gives the feed a prominent place on the mobile app.
  • Twitter gives posting tweets more priority on the mobile app.
  • Designated spaces for ads are not found on the mobile apps (but promoted stories in your page feed can be found on some of the networks)

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10 thoughts about quality, quantity and authenticity

Photo by geralt, PixabayTo be successful in social media the three most important factors are quality, quantity and authenticity. Without one of them you won’t succeed. Let me first define the three.

  • Quality is both about the content you create, but also the content by others you share.
  • Quantity is about the amount of posts you share, but also the number of likes, shares, followers, retweets you get
  • Authenticity is built by providing quality content, not once, but continuously. Getting a large quantity of likes, shares, retweets and followers adds to your authencitity. It’s also about being personal and show who you are. There are loads of social media experts, but only one you.

So here are my 10 thoughts

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Google Plus – The ugly duckling of social media?

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Facebook is the social media living room, LinkedIn the social media workplace, Twitter the social media pub and Google Plus the social media… ugly duckling?

Three years in, Google Plus have over 300 million active users and more than 540 million using Google Plus credentials for various services. This makes Google Plus one of the biggest sites in social media. Still, people often seem dubious about Google Plus. It seems they don’t really “get it”.

We are told that Google Plus is a Social Layer rather than a social network. What’s the significance of that? Do we even care what Google calls it, as long as it serves a purpose? For all its brilliance Google Plus is something of a conundrum to many, and that just might be the its biggest flaw. Continue reading

5 common mistakes in Social Media

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It would stand to reason that Social Media is just that, social. Still there are numerous examples of people treating it as Asocial Media. We can learn from making mistakes, but we can also learn from others by not repeating their mistakes. Please avoid these:

 Mistake 1: Broadcasting your own vanity

Vanity Tweet

Vanity Tweet: Who cares but you?

You have probably seen this kind of Tweets many times. Stop sending them. Seriously, stop them yesterday. I’m a proud geek and I love to check my analytics and insights, but is anyone else interested? I follow people because they provide good content and insights into social media, not because this or that many other people chose to follow them… or not.

Takeaway: Don’t broadcast your vanity!

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