8 Great tools for your online presence

Online tools
Online tools

What online tools do you use? Photo: Morguefile, gracey

There are umpteen online tools available. Here are a few I use a lot and recommend. Several of them are well known, but there could be a few you’ve missed.

Buffer is a great automation tool. You set at what times of the day you want Buffer to post to your connected networks. You can add to your Buffer with one click from Feedly, or the Chrome extension.

Bufferapp website http://bufferapp.com/

Dropbox is first of all a file sharing tool. You can use it in your browser, mobile app or computer application. You can share folders with other users. But this is just the basic function.

What makes Dropbox great is the choice of apps which allow additional functions for your Dropbox. You can have photos, your website, your database or email automatically saved to your Dropbox.

Dropbox website http://www.dropbox.com/

Evernote enables you to write documents, stored in various folders. It’s available in your browser and computer or mobile application. With browser extensions like Evernote web clipper, you can save to Evernote with a simple click.

Evernote website http://evernote.com

When Google announced that Google Reader will be shut down I migrated to Feedly. You can easily import your feeds from Google. Feedly is essential to keeping up with the latest news in your field. With the Feedly extension you can add a web page to your buffer with a click.

Feedly website http://www.feedly.com/

If you’re sharing photos this app is a must. You can quickly and simply edit your photos before sharing them online. First time you run the app it explains how to use it.

Snapseed website http://www.snapseed.com/

This is a great tool for making your tweets stand out. Savepublishing turns a web page text into individually tweetable links. Instead of tweeting the same title as everyone else, you get a choice of other good possible tweets.

Savepublishing website http://www.savepublishing.com/

Trello is a project management and collaboration tool. You create boards, private or shared. On your boards you put up your “to do cards” , organised in the categories To Do, Doing and Done. You can add notes to each card to keep up with every detail.

Trello website http://trello.com

Triberr is a blog sharing platform. I join tribes who blog about my interests and I tweet a lot of posts I find on Triberr. In return my blog posts are shared by people in the tribes I’ve joined.

Triberr website http://triberr.com

What tools would you add to this list? Please share it in a comment.