4 online tools you might not know about

tools photo
Photo by JanneM

There are many posts listing great online tools such as Hootsuite, Feedly, Socialmention, Triberr and others. These are great tools, but I will tell you about four tools I find very useful, but rarely mentioned in any posts.


Are you still scheduling by sending out group e-mails, ending up with a mess where one third replies to all, one third replies to you and the last third either don’t reply at all or responds concerning something totally unrelated?

For quick and easy scheduling Doodle is a great tool. Basic scheduling is free and doesn’t even require you to create an account. There are also two premium options one for individuals and one for business.

Do Share

If you’re on Google Plus, Do Share is a plugin in Chrome which makes it simple to schedule posts to Google Plus. The downside is that it has to be installed locally and requires you to keep Chrome running. For my office desktop it’s a great tool.

Save Publishing

Save Publishing is possibly one of the least beautiful tools imaginable, but really great. It allows you to get tweetable links from any webpage. You bookmark the link provided on the website, and when you read a blog you click the Save Publishing bookmark.

This tool creates tweetable links in the text, a great help to find unique tweets.


There are of course a lot of project management tools and to do lists. I favour Trello. It’s free and saves me a lot of post it notes. I run in on my desktop, mobiles and tablet. It has all the basic functions making it easy to keep track of things to do, what you’re doing and review finished tasks.

The basic functions are Boards, where you add Lists (default are To Do, Doing, and Done). To each list you add Cards. Each card has an activity log, scheduling, adding attachments, adding other members you’re collaborating with, Due Date and Checklists. The UI is simple.

What tools, rarely mentioned, do you use?