Go specific, go microviral, reach big


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We all struggle with organic reach don’t we? Look at your Facebook insights. I dare say they are going down, even if your page is growing in numbers. Even if you share great content.  What are your options? Paying for ads and boosting posts of course. You can also go small, specific and microviral.

There is not a clear definition for when we call a post viral. In general terms a viral post reach a lot of people (millions) in a short period of time (days). If you get a viral post it will boost your traffic for a short time. But there is no guarantee you will gain anything long term. Marketing expert Mark Schaefer told about one of his viral posts. Guy Kawasaki mentioned him. It generated a lot of short term traffic. But we want to grow our long term and loyal audience.

What is microviral?

Microviral means that you reach a small circle of active and loyal audience. And you reach them in a short time. Even with a few shares you can reach 10 times the number who like your page.

The maths is simple. A big page has an organic reach around 2-5% with each post. Let’s go for the lower 2%. If you have 1,000,000 likes that adds up to 20,000 people reached. With the microviral thinking you can reach as many from a small page with 2,000 likes. Or even better, split those 2,000 on 2 super specific pages with 1,000 likes each.

Maths doesn’t add up

In all honesty, it’s not as simple as the maths suggests though. There are more than 100,000 individual ideal weights producing your Facebook news feed. This means your page will reach fewer people than the maths suggests.

All the same, the principle works. You can reach a lot of people from a small and specific page.

Specific, local and relevant

You can’t afford losing engagement by posting something that isn’t specific or relevant enough. In my parish we have three churches. We have three Facebook pages, one for each church. On each page we post what’s relevant for that church. This way every post becomes more relevant. We could have one parish page instead, posting for all three churches. A lot of people are active in one church. One parish page would mean that only one of three posts would be relevant.

With of Facebook Place Tips you have another reason to go small and local. Geo-tag your photos to connect them to a local place. Use relevant hashtags to specify your content. You have to use every tool to make it possible for people to engage with your posts.

Quality content and connections

Facebook is the largest social network. But not the only one. I like to introduce people to Google Plus. It’s Google’s social layer. It’s free from ads. Photos of kittens are fewer than on Facebook. Most important, it’s all about quality content and connections. Through Ripples you can see how your post spreads.

I asked if Google Plus is the ugly duckling of social media. In many ways it is. I meet a lot of people disregarding it. One the other hand it’s a swan like the duckling in the fairy tale.

In Google Plus Communities it’s possible to connect with awesome people. When I have an issue with my website the WordPress Community is a treasure.

For a microviral reach I recommend you to go to Google Plus. Join a couple of Communities in your areas. Engage with the people. Offer your expertise. You will make great connections. You are welcome to connect with me.

What do you think about Facebook and Google Plus? Share your thoughts in a comment.

Photo: Geralt, Pixabay