Tip: 4 blogs you should read

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Do you have a couple of blogs you follow more closely? Blogs that inspire you? Blogs you return to when there’s an update because you know you’ll have a great read? I’ll recommend four blogs that I follow. They all deliver inspiring content about social media and marketing.



Jan Gordon and the team of contributors on Curatti deliver really useful posts. They cover several areas within B2B. Posts are about trends and ideas as well as hands-on tips and tricks. When I write this the last three posts are about social listening, content curation and social media platforms. This variation of topis is typical for Curatti.

What I like about Curatti

  • The good combination  of a variation of topics within a specified niche.
  • The plain and simple layout makes it easy to read the posts.
  • The high quality content from great contributors.



Mark Schaefer and the other contributors on {grow} deliver unique insights. Inspiring, mind-boggling and new perspectives.  A big plus is the active community of people commenting. Mark is always quick to respond. Comments provide a lot of value besides the actual post.

What I like about {grow}

  • The unique and original content. {grow} is exceptionally inspiring.
  • The active community in the comments.
  • The posts make me think in new ways.



Postplanner is a great resource for easy to apply tips.  The tag line is “Triple Your Engagement in 10 Minutes a Day”. Postplanner delivers on this. As I write this the last three posts are about: what the best social media influencers do. A collection of business articles and Facebook’s “save” feature. A how to on Twitter chats. I find this significant for Postplanner. Plain and simple tips. Joshua Parkinson and his contributors make your social media efforts easier.

What I like about Postplanner

  • All the tips to make my efforts on social media easier.
  • The practical approach. When I leave Postplanner I want to test what I learn.
  • The easygoing style. Read the values on the About page. The headline on number 1 is “Eat the dog food.” (Just skip over to them to see what they mean by that.)



Twelveskip is great when it comes to web design and internet marketing. Pauline Cabrera and her contributors deliver high quality posts on these topics. She shares many tips, examples and templates for marketing and web design. I like “less is more” in layout. Twelveskip serves as a beautiful example of this. It’s plain and straightforward, but you can tell that Pauline has a great eye for layout.

What I like about Twelveskip

  • The insights and useful posts on web design and internet marketing.
  • The beauty of a simple and stylish layout.
  • The focus on small business.

“My favourite blog is…”

So this is 4 of my favourite social media blogs. Which one is yours? Fill in the blank and share your favourite social media related blog in a comment.

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