Social media, whether it’s for personal use or business, comes down to the ability to creating and cultivating relations with the people you meet.

Welcome to Here you can benefit from:

  • Local and global experience of working with social media pages, strategy management and admin teams.
  • Insights into an ever changing social media landscape.
  • Experiences from practical application as well as creating strategies and administration of social media pages.

My story

PortraitI’m a 41 year old guy from the south of Sweden. I’ve been into computers since the early 80s and on the internet since the mid 90s. I work with management of social media pages, printed information, web, economy and administration. I work with small local pages as well as the big and global.

What you can expect from me:

  • An international mindset. I live a bilingual and multicultural life.
  • A wide experience of social media, from local to global, from practical application to strategy and administration.
  • Less is more – Not making things unnecessarily complicated.

Contact me for help with your

  • Social media strategy
  • Online presence
  • Development of your social media accounts and pages
  • Public speaking
  • Guest posting

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